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Bonnie Jan., LLC

Meet Bonnie Jan.

Socialization Specialist

     Bonnie Jan. is a socialization specialist who facilitates social skills and self-esteem enhancement groups for children and young adults.
     With a particular focus on the needs of children ages 4-21 who have been diagnosed with ADHD, bipolar depression, twice-exceptionality, Tourette's, OCD, ODD, anxiety, and autistic spectrum disorder, Bonnie has been the coordinator of diverse group programs that cover disability awareness, sexual education, child abuse prevention, and the protection of disabled adults in the workplace.
     For more than thirty years, she has worked successfully with families, physicians, universities, and many other organizations in order to support children and families.  Bonnie also acts as a consultant for college programming and conducts workshops for parents and special educators.
     Bonnie has forged her reputation by emphasizing creativity and collaboration alongside more conventional forms of therapy.  Her clients and their families celebrate her non-traditional perspective on the importance of play and other highly-effective alternative therapeutic strategies.
     Presently in private practice, Bonnie directs her group program at two office locations in the Long Island, NY area.

Meet Bonnie

“It is my intention that every child who crosses our threshold feels safe, valued, and learns to explore the best ways to feel more confident and happy.  They will be invited to think reflectively, to foster their imaginations, and to explore the world creatively. These are not just outlets for expression, but acts of empowerment.  They will know that they are welcome here and that we are glad to see them.”
- Bonnie Jan.


Group Sessions
Social Skills & Self Esteem Enhancement


"When I introduced you to my son, he was walking around the halls with 400 page novels; reading 2 a week, yet failing 4 out of 5 of his classes.  Diagnosed with Aspergers, he had always been high functioning, but was socially awkward, had difficulty making friends, and avoided situations with other kids in a team setting (like sports, clubs, and after-school activities). 
Now, a member of the National Honor Society, he's graduated high school with honors and is going to the college of his choice.  He experienced prom, the graduation ceremony, and even got the 'Employee of the Month' at his job.  I needed to reach out and say, 'Thank you.'  You were truly an angel during Aaron's formative years.  I am so grateful.  Not only did you help Aaron, but you helped us as parents to have patience in understanding in helping our son be the best version of himself.  Thank you.

— Margaret B., Parent

Contact Info



North Shore Location:

2 Main Street, Suite 10, Roslyn, NY 11576

South Shore Location:

2915 Davison Street

Oceanside, NY 11572


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