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Group Sessions 

Social Skills & Self-Esteem Enhancement

Through creative activities, instruction, and conversation, the weekly, one-hour groups help children build social skills and gain the confidence needed to make friends and become more independent.

Some of the skills to learn in these groups include:

  • How to make and keep friends

  • Awareness of social cues

  • Conversational skills

  • Empathy and compassion

  • Solving conflicts

  • The joy of working together

  • Managing energy and attention

  • Self-care and mindfulness

  • How to calm strong emotions

  • Building a positive mindset

  • How to recognize and respond to bullying

  • Ways to cope with worrying and anxiety

  • Learning how to be independent and live a happy life

These skills are taught using techniques that explore visual, auditory, and hands-on approaches.  We honor the differentiated learning our children might need to incorporate such skills.  This includes using art, music, role-playing, games, and discussion. 

Group discussions will be confidential, but anecdotal reporting to parents happens weekly.  Serious behavior issues that need further intervention will be brought to the attention of parents and doctors or other therapists involved with your child.  With parent permission, we coordinate directly with teachers, therapists, and psychiatrists to facilitate comprehensive care.

Overall, we provide a warm and supportive environment where our group members feel comfortable and welcome.  Confrontation and instruction to correct unsuccessful behaviors are approached in a direct and firm, but caring manner.

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